Colorado Rapids Personal & Team Training

The Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club provides personal training to all levels of players, from beginner to advanced at almost all ages. Schedule a training session year-round with one of our experienced staff members. We will be adding more coaches on as we continue to build this feature out for our members. To get started, use the list below to find a trainer and connect with them directly (click on their profile for their email address.)

Benefits of Training Sessions

  • Elite level identification
  • Access to indoor and outdoor fields
  • Personalized training sessions and feedback
  • Work with our experienced coaches
  • Year-round opportunities
  • Single player to full team training

Personal Trainer List

Use the checkboxes below to search for trainers in your region, that train the position you need, at the appropriate level, for the right group size, with the emphasis you need (or leave unchecked for all.) To connect with them directly, click on their profile and use their email address.

Group Size
Content Emphasis

Daniel Agnew

Background Summary

Role: 11U-14U Boys South Director of Coaching
Licenses: UEFA, USSF, and National Youth
Experience: 5+ years

Zach Ashland

Background Summary

Role: Regional Manager – Castle Rock
Licenses: USSF D licence, USC Goakeeper 1
Experience: 5+ years

Charlie A. Bacha

Background Summary

Role: Soccer Start – 6U-7U DoC ECNL 2006 Head Coach
Licenses: USSF National C License, USSF National Youth License & Real Madrid Foundation Diploma
Experience: 14+ Years

Nick Blanco

Background Summary

Role: 8U-10U Select Program Director
Licenses: USSF B License – Futsal Level 2 License – USSF Grassroots
Experience: 8+ years

Levi Boggess

Background Summary

Role: 13U-14U Boys South Director of Coaching
Licenses: USSF C, United Soccer Coaches Premier (Pending)
Experience: 17+

Rich Dell

Background Summary

Role: U13 – U19 Girls North Director of Coaching
Licenses: FA, USSF, and National Youth
Experience: 15+ years

Chris Gartside

Background Summary

Role: 8U-10U Select Program Director
Licenses: FA England, UEFA, USSF C, USC National & United Futsal Diploma
Experience: 10+ Years

Stephen Latta

Background Summary

Role: U15-U19 Girls Central Director of Coaching
Licenses: USSF C, United Soccer Coaces of America- Advanced National Diploma, ASEP Coaching Certified, United Futsal Foundational Diploma
Experience: 15+ years

Marcus Owerko

Background Summary

Role: Director of Tournaments
Licenses: USSF D License, USSF Grassroots, Illinois Skill School’s Skill Developer Diploma, and USC Coach’s Developer Licence
Experience: 11+ years

Mark Sellon

Background Summary

Role: Rec Admin FC
Licenses: CSCS, FMS, Sportsmetrics, USSF D, Futsal Level 1
Experience: 10+ Years