Rapids Fall Friendlies Recap

The Colorado Storm and Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club announced this summer that they would be joining forces to provide a more comprehensive club that can further advance the goals and overall experiences of our players. With this announcement coming just after the conclusion of the spring season, the Colorado soccer community was curious to see how this would unfold. This spark developed into what would become the Rapids Fall Friendlies.


Rapids “Let Us Play” Pledge

The sidelines of every youth soccer game are lined with parents and spectators wanting their team to succeed. Fans communicate in many ways, from chanting and cheering to clapping. Too often this enthusiastic exuberance can come with shouting instructions and trying to coach from the stands (joysticking the players). As a club, we are committed to a positive player experience of learning and individual growth of our team members.


Welcome Peter May to Rapids Youth Soccer

Rapids Youth Soccer is excited to introduce the newest member of our Staff and 15U-19U Boys South Director of Coaching, Peter May. Peter is a Kentucky native, playing youth soccer for United 1996 FC where he won 3 state-cup championships. Peter went on to captain Southern Indiana University Evansville and coach for his alma mater and Indiana Fire.


CRYSC & World Cup 2018: What 2 Watch 4

The World Cup took center stage this month as 32 teams squared off for world soccer supremacy. With the summer league break for Colorado youth soccer, many are taking this time to watch the world’s best compete. Many pundits and commentators will weigh in on what they think is causing teams to succeed or fail but what are they watching to decide if a player did well or played poorly? With every game having a minimum of 22 players on the field and only a few scoring goals, how do you know what to watch? Join us as we outline soccer watching tips and tricks for parents, players, and coaches.


Psychology of Injury Part 2

Injury represents an inexorable consequence of training and competition. Many of us are aware of the physical consequences of injury, however, the lack of awareness and stigma surrounding psychology means the mental scars that can accompany physical damage are largely being disregarded, neglected or poorly treated. Coaches, parents and even the players themselves have a responsibility to be aware of the psychological ramifications of injury and appropriate treatments to tackle the mental and emotional needs of injured players.


Every Player Matters

We are excited to share with you that Rapids Youth Soccer and the Colorado Storm will be joining forces, helping create a more comprehensive club that can further advance the goals and overall experiences of our players. As one club, united under the Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club name, you and all our valued members will have access to a stronger club better positioned to serve our players from three-year-olds all the way to the Colorado Rapids professional Major League Soccer team.